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General Rules

2007 Spring Cup
General Rules

Alcoholic beverages, tobacco products and pets of any kind are not allowed at any playing venue.

1) Unless otherwise noted below, FIFA "Laws of the Game" and USYSA playing rules will be used.
2) All games will be considered final and no protests will be allowed.
3) All teams will be scheduled for minimum of three games, with running time. The clock will start the scheduled kickoff time.
4) The length of the U-9, U-10 games will be 40 minutes with a 5-minute half time.
5) The length of the U-11, U-12, U-13 games will be 50 minutes with a 5-minute half time.
6) The length of the U-14, U-15, U-16, U-17 games will be 60 minutes with a 5-minute half time.
7) All teams must have a licensed coach and carded administrator at every game.

Referees and Referee Fees
• The Official Referee shall be the sole judge on the field of play and his decisions shall be final. No protest based on “referee judgment” shall be allowed.

• Any complaints regarding referees shall be directed in submitted by way of the Spring Soccer www site.

• In the event that the official referee fails to appear, a certified referee may be appointed with the mutual agreement of both teams.

• The referee fees for each team shall be as follows:

U14 - U17
60 MIN
U11 - U13
50 MIN
U09 - U10
40 MIN
Three (3)
$36.00 $30.00 $24.00
Two (2)
$29.00 $24.00 $20.00
$22.00 $18.00 $15.00

• Referees are to be paid in cash, so they can split it with their assistant referees. Club linesmen are not paid. A team booster, certified or not, is a club linesman.

• All referees must have a current USSF Referee License. The three (3) Referee System (diagonal system) shall be used for all games. The two (2) Referee System is prohibited. Should one referee fail to appear or be unable to continue, a club linesman shall be appointed by and at the Referee’s discretion as a replacement. Should two (2) referees fail to appear or be unable to continue, two (2) club linesmen shall be appointed by and at the Referee’s discretion. But regardless of whether the Referee chooses to use club linesmen or not, the two (2) whistle system will not be used.

• The fee to be paid is determined by the number of referees who officiate the entire game.

• The Referee on the field must be a minimum of fourteen (14) years of age.

• Assistant Referees shall be a minimum of fourteen (14) years of age.


The 10 point scoring system will be used.
• Win = 6 points
• Tie = 3 points
• Loss = 0 points
• One point a shutout.
• One point for each goal scored, not to exceed (3) goals per game.
• One point each team for a (0-0) tie.
• A forfeit win will be scored 1-0. Teams which forfeit any game in pool play will have all of its games played scored as 0-1 losses.

If there are two teams tied in points at the end of the preliminary rounds, the following tie-breaker procedures will be implemented to determine a winner:
• Winner of head to head competition.
• Total goals against.(Three per game max.)
• Total goals scored. (No maximum)
• All Semi-Final and Championship games that end in a tie will be decided by FIFA penalty kicks. Pool play game can end in a tie.

• All teams must provide properly laminated CYSA-S player cards.
• A team shall consist of at least (8) players for U-10 - U17 and (5) players for U-09.
• Player cards may be checked and rosters verified before each game.
• Maximum of eighteen (18) players on the roster for all teams playing 11 v 11. Teams playing 8 v 8 will have maximum (14) players on roster.
• Home team will have the choice of sides.
• Home team shall provide the game ball.
• Home team will start the game with ball.
• Home team shall change jerseys if conflict of colors.
• All players must wear shin guards.

If your flight has a Wildcard position, the team with the highest number of points will be awarded the Wildcard position. If all teams in your bracket did not play the same number of games, we will take the total number of games divided by total points earned to come up with an average of points per game earned. The team with the highest average will be awarded the Wildcard position. In the event there are two teams tied, the Tie-Breaker rules will apply.

• Substitutions may be made, with the consent of the referee, at any stoppage of play.
• Substitution shall be made at midfield within (10) yards of the halfway line. The Substitute Player shall not enter the field of play until allowed by the Referee and the Player substituted has left the field of play.
• When an injured player (excepting the goalkeeper) is attended to by anyone from outside the field of play, they must leave the field until after play has restarted, at which time with the Referees permission they may re-enter the field. On leaving the field the team may opt to substitute for the injured player instead.
• Excessive substitutions resulting in confusion or delay of game are to be discouraged by the referee.

There will be one type of Spring Cup 2007 Team Roster Form available for Spring Cup Soccer Teams.

Spring Cup 2007 Roster Form which will be used by all teams. This roster must be at all Spring Cup Games. The roster form can be downloaded from –
under the Spring Cup 07 tab from the top menu bar.

Your Roster is frozen at the start of your first game.

You will need carry your original roster with you to all games. MAKE SURE YOU GET IT BACK FROM THE REFEREES. We strongly suggest that you carry two copies with you and get both copies signed. This is just in case you should lose one copy; you will have a back-up.

All teams scheduled to play in the Semi-Finals and Finals will need their original roster.

Spring Cup has unlimited guest players. BUT, the guest player cannot currently be on a team that is more then one playing level above your team. No Player shall play / rostered on more then one team.

Your Teams Level of Play                                       Unlimited Guest Players Allowed From
Bronze                                                                    Any Rec Program
                                                                              Another Bronze Level Team
                                                                              Another Silver Level Team

Silver                                                                     All of the above
                                                                              Plus Silver Elite Level Team

Silver Elite                                                             All of the Above
                                                                             Plus Gold Level Team

Gold                                                                      All of the Above
                                                                             Plus Premier Level

In other words, if your team is a Bronze level team, your guest player must be from another Bronze or Silver level team or from Any Recreational Program. Player’s level of play is based on Fall 2006.
Any team challenged on this; the burdened of proof will be on the challenged team.

Failure to follow this rule will result in your team losing their bond and forfeiture of all Spring Cup 2007 games.

EXCEPTION: If your team will have a guest player that does not fall within the Rules above, you must notify the Spring Soccer Registrar at on or before April 10, 2007.
**** All players must be registered with CYSA-S prior to playing any Spring Cup games.

Any player or coach that is ejected from the playing area will be suspended for the next game. Depending on the severity for the reason of the ejection, the player or coach may be suspended for the remainder of the tournament.
Three points will be deducted for each ejection that is recorded.

Tournament medals will be awarded to 1st and 2nd place teams in each flight.
A Team trophy will be awarded to the Championship team in each Flight.


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