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Tenth's of points will be added to teams who tie in points, but advance on tie-breaks. In pools where one team has an insurmountable tie-break advantage, one-tenth of a point has already been added.

The tournament rules have been available since this tournament was first published. The section on standings (rule 15) is summarized as follows:

   A. STANDINGS for pool play games will be determined on the standard scoring system as follows:
      WIN = 3 points
      TIE = 1 points
      LOSS = 0 points

   B. Winners of ties in standings will be determined as follows:
      1. Head to head
      2. Most wins
      3. Goals scored (max 3 per game)
      4. Goal differential (max +/-3 per game)
      5. Fewest misconduct points (3 pts red, 1 pt yellow)
      6. Coin flip
      NOTE: In the event more than two teams are tied: When one or more teams are eliminated at a level and two or more teams are still tied, the remaining teams restart the tie-break procedure.

There is no direct point deduction for send offs. The misconduct points for this are used in tie-breaks only.

Referee Administration

Dear Coaches and Referees:

Let me begin by thanking all of you for all you do for AYSO! And, secondly, welcome to the Section 11 Area Q Orange County Spring Classic.

My name is Mike Calder, the Tournament Referee Coordinator. If you:
  • Are having problems logging in. Or,
  • Need to be removed from a game.
Then please email me at

Here are some notes about referee administration for the tournament:
  • The SchedulesEtc scheduling system is setup for self-assign. And, self-assign means each referee can sign up for the games which fit in their schedule and they are qualified to do. Each referee uses their unique email address to create a login name and password. If you: a) don't have an email, b) don't understand how to create your login and password, or, c) you are having problems logging in, then please email me for assistance.
  • Mike will work with a referee administrator to assign referees to a game. However, each referee still needs to login and accept the assignment and this requires a unique email address. Consequently, all referees need to create a login and password.
  • All game requests (including requests to be removed from a game) should include: Game Number, Game Date, Game Time and Field. If this is a request for a referee team to work together and be assigned to a specific game, then include the referee(s) first and last name(s) and the position(s) (such as "Referee" or "AR").
  • Referees need to check-in at the referee tent at least 30 minutes prior to the start time of the match.
  • Tournament Rules and Match Conduct Procedures are posted on the tournament website and on the Message Board after you log in (as a referee).

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