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Rain Schedule Change Requests

Schedule Change Requests
Both coaches must agree to any schedule changes.
All schedule requests must be submitted to your regional spring coordinator.
Both regional spring coordinators or RC's must approve the request.
After both have approved the change, the regional spring coordinator or RC will send the request to the scheduler for approval and processing.

Note: Regions may make changes due to field availability or other situations.

RAIN Reschedules
With rain causing the cancellation of most games on March 17 and 18, coaches should do the following to reschedule their game. The home team coach should contact the other coach to agree to a time and day to replay the game. Contact your regional coordinator for the opposing coach information if needed. The coaches then send the information to the regional Spring Select coordinators and their Regional Commissioners for approval. Once the game is approved the scheduler will post the game on the schedule.

How to View Schedules


To view all teams in your Age, click Teams then Age.
To view only your Team games, click Teams, click Age, Click your team.
To view all games in your Age, click Schedules, click Age.
To view standings click Standings, click Age.
To view only your Teams scores, click Teams, click Age, Click your team.
To view all scores in your Age, click Schedules, click Age.
To view all information relating to Area Q, click Homepage.


To report score, click on schedules, age, report score.
Follow instructions in the report score window.
Do not press back. Your score will be reported in "Real" time.
Remember to press "Reload" or "Refresh" after posting scores.
The "report score" command will not be available until the day of the game.
Please contact your local Region for password.


If a wrong score has been posted:
1) Contact by e-mail
2) E-mail: The new (corrected) scores.
The e-mail must contain the following in order.
a) Age/Gender of Team.
b) Game number.
c) Goals, yellow cards and red cards of home team. (home team is first team on the schedule)
d) Goals, yellow cards and red cards of visiting team.
e) Name and position on team, of person requesting change.
Thank you

Please contact AYSO Area Q Schedules Coordinator with all questions relating to schedules.

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