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All Finals games for U9 and U10 on 12/2/12 are moved to Tustin Ranch Elementary (TRE).

Mayor's Cup Special Rule Note
Mayor's Cup (Regional Playoffs) - Under-9 through Under-14 All players must play at least half of each game. Coaches are encouraged to play each player three quarters. The minimum play rule does not apply to extra time periods. The Mayor's Cup uses the minimum play time of half of each game to decide our champion team that advances by playing with the rules that will be used in those tournaments. This allows us to send our best team according to the competition rules they will encounter at the area, section and state tournaments.

Welcome to the Tustin AYSO Region 96 Schedule Message Board

2012 Mayor's Cup Playoff Tournament
Coaches: Please Report Scores Promptly

For the U9-U14 Divisions, the Mayor's Cup Playoff Tournament will begin on Monday, November 26th, and will conclude with Championship games on Sunday, December 2nd.
Brackets are posted and final referee points have been tabulated.

Team seedings for the Mayor's Cup Tournament will depend on final league/pool standings.
In the event of a tie in league/pool standings, the following tie breaker system shall apply:
1. The winner of head to head competition
2. Most referee points
3. Most wins in pool play
4. Goal differential based on a maximum of 3 goals per game
5. Goals against based on max difference of 3 per game
6. Coin flip by Commissioner or his designee

U10-U14 Mayor's Cup 1st and 2nd place teams from each division will advance to represent Region 96 and the City of Tustin in the Area Q League Champions playoffs starting December 15, 2012.

Please contact the TUSTIN AYSO SCHEDULER with all questions relating to schedules.
For field locations, visit our FIELD MAP
For field closure status and Google Maps, visit the MUDLINE


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Please visit the AREA 11Q Schedule website to sign up for EXTRA, U16 and U19 games.

Tustin AYSO is proud to offer professional skills training, goalkeeper clincs, and Speed/Agility/Quickness sessions.
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To view all teams in your Age, click Teams then Age.
To view only your Team games, click Teams, click Age, Click your team.
To view all games in your Age, click Schedules, click Age.
To view all information relating to Tustin Soccer, click Homepage.

Standings are kept only for the U9 and older divisions.
The winning team's coach should take responsibility for reporting the score, or in the event of a draw, then the home team's coach should report.
However, either coach may report the score.

Standings will be kept on the 3-point system.
--> 3 points for a win.
--> 1 point for a draw.
--> 0 points for a loss.

To report a score, click on schedules, age, report score.
Follow instructions in the report score window.
Be patient. Your score will be reported in real-time. Do not click "submit" multiple times or the score will be reported multiple times.
If you forget the password to report a score, please contact your Division Coordinator.

If a wrong score has been posted, please email the TUSTIN AYSO SCHEDULER with the following information:
- Gender / Age of Teams (e.g., BU10)
- Home Team (e.g., 1-Smith)
- Away Team (e.g., 2-Jones)
- Date, time and location of game (e.g., Sept 10, 9am, TSP1)
- Game number on schedule
- Corrected score with home team's goals first, then away team's goals (e.g., 3-2)
- Name and position of person requesting score change.

Remember that Good Sportsmanship is one of our core philosophies, so please respect our Region's commitment to the 5-goal rule!
No team should ever be ahead or win by more than 5 goals. This rule applies to all divisions.

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