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Volunteer Appreciation Playoffs Rules of competition and Tie Breakers

TIEBREAKER RULES FOR REGION 56 PLAY-OFFS - 2014 Pool Play: Divisions with only one pool in playoffs: The team with the most points at the end of pool play is the Championship team for that division. In the case of one pool play-offs there is not an additional "Championship game". In the event of a tie (same number of VAP game points) between teams during VAP pool play; the tiebreaker resolution will be as follows: • Head to Head play (score from the VAP) • Goal differential (difference between the total numbers of goals scored versus total number of goals conceded in VAP). A maximum of 3 goals plus/minus per game will be tallied to determine goal differential. • Goals against in VAP (fewest goals). Maximum of 3 per game will be tallied to determine goals against. • Kicks from the mark. (site, date and time to be communicated by Coach Administrator) There are no kicks from the mark in the regular VAP pool play (tie games stand). Semi-Final Games and Championship Games (GAMES ENDING IN A TIE AFTER REGULATION PLAY) (SEMI-FINAL GAMES in which the winner of one pool plays winner of another pool and CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES) *This ONLY applies in Championship games or when a winner from one pool plays the winner from another pool in which a winner is required. This does NOT apply to Teams that play each within their own pool. Ties shall stand for teams playing another team within their own pool whereas the tie-breaker rules shall determine the winner, if applicable. If a tie exists at the end of regulation play in any match in which a winner is required, then two (2) full overtime periods shall be played to determine a winner. NOTE: This is NOT sudden victory overtime – the entire time of both overtime periods shall be played. The team with the most goals at the end of the two (2) overtime periods shall be declared the winner. Teams playing short in regulation time play as a result of send offs shall continue to do so in overtime. Free Substitution shall be allowed for all divisions during overtime play only. The teams shall change ends of the field after the completion of the first overtime period. No half-time break will be permitted, i.e. play in the second overtime period must begin immediately. The length of overtime play shall be: Two (2) nine (9) minute periods for U14 Two (2) seven (7) minute periods for U12 Two (2) five (5) minute periods for U10 Extended" or "Extra" periods are open to all players and open substitution is allowed. • If the extended play ends in a tie, then kicks from the mark will determine a winner. If a team ends the match with a man down, opposing team must reduce number of players taking kicks from the mark to equate. • Each team will select any five (5) players from the last extended period played to take kicks from the mark. • If the game is still a tie after these 5 players, then one new player from each team will take a kick from the mark. This will continue until the game is decided. *In the event there are errors or unintended conflicting language in the above the Region 56 Commissioner and or/her appointee(s) shall make all decisions to determine an outcome, the result of which shall be final. No protests shall be allowed. Good luck to all teams and again thank you for volunteering. We really do appreciate all you do for our youth and our region!

SCHEDULE CHANGES / Updates All teams are responsible to check their schedules daily for any schedule changes that may occur. EMAILS WILL NOT BE SENT TO COACHES FOR CHANGES

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Welcome to the 2014 Fall season.

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Reporting Scores
COACHES- Please report your scores the day of your game.

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