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BU8 Playoff Rules
BU8 games game cannot end in tie. After two 20 minutes halves, players remain on the field (no subs,unless there is injury), one player on each side will be taken off and the rest play for 2 minutes 6V6 no keeper. Should a golden goal happen a team will win and if that doesn't happen, another player will be taken out on each side and go another two minutes 5V5 and so on, until someone wins. There are no PK or IDFK in any BU8 game. There is 1:15 between each game, please start on time. Teams to sit on opposite side of the field. No spectators is allowed around the 18 yard (penalty area. Coaches are allowed 10 yards on either side of the halfway line only. Zero Tolerance abuse policy for referees is strictly observed. Sendoff (dismissing) coach and or parent will result in forfeiting of the game (referees please make report). There are no Cards showing in U8 and U10, should you feel there is a need for caution or sendoff of a player please talk to the coach. NEVER SHOW CARDS.

Playoff Rules
Rules are posted on the links:

South Irvine AYSO Region 144


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