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2006 Area 11-L Information

Regular season U16 / U19 standings will be frozen at 12 PM, 10/24/06.
Playoff seeding will be determined based on results posted at that time.

Referee registration and scheduling is managed at the local level by each region's Referee Administrator.
Please contact them for help with referee game scheduling and login access to the scheduling system.


To view all teams in your Age, click Teams then Age.
To view only your Team games, click Teams, click Age, Click your team.
To view all games in your Age, click Schedules, click Age.
To view standings click Standings, click Age.
To view only your Teams scores, click Teams, click Age, Click your team.
To view all scores in your Age, click Schedules, click Age.
To view all information relating to AYSO AREA L, click Homepage.


To report score, click on schedules, age, report score.
Follow instructions in the report score window.
Do not press back. Your score will be reported in "Real" time.
Remember to press "Reload" or "Refresh" after posting scores.
The "report score" command will not be available until the day of the game.
Please contact your local Scheduler for report score “password” if needed.


If a wrong score has been posted:
Please send the score correction to your opponent. This is to ensure concurrence of both coaches.
Have your opponent forward the e-mail Webmaster Area L with the following information.

Gender / Age of Team.
Name of Team / Coach.
Game number.
Corrected score with home goals first, then away goals.
Name and position of person requesting score change.

Please contact AYSO AREA L with all questions relating to schedules.

To contact for more information on the Schedules, Score Reporting, Standings, Referee Assignment and Instant Message Software currently being used by AYSO AREA L 2006 please visit:

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